Take Your Core to the Next Level

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  • Define Your Waistline
  • Shred Tummy Fat
  • Build Compact Abs

Superfit Core 2 includes:

This advanced program takes your tummy to the next level with these three tools:

The Exercises

Videos are divided into levels to ensure exactly the right intensity from the get go.

The Nutrition

Learn what to eat for a flat tummy and healthy connective tissue.

The Fatburning

Learn how to exercise to make your body a fatburning factory.

Superfit Mor

“This program is SO effective! I recommend it to everyone.”

Mom of 2 (4 years old and 8 months old)

Superfit Mor

“My stomach has never been this flat before!”

Mom of 1 (1.5 year old)

Superfit Mor

“I hadn't dared to hope for results THIS fast!”

Mom of 2 (2.5 year old and 5 years old)

Superfit Mor

“My stomach is flatter and firmer. It's amazing to see!”

Mom of 2 (15 years old and 8 months old)

Superfit Mor

“This program really makes a difference!”

Mom of 4 (20, 11, 9 years old and 6 months old)

Superfit Mor

“The rapid progress I see on my stomach is so motivating”

Mom of a boy (2 years old)

Superfit Mor

“In 21 days my diastasis went from 4 to 2 finger widths!”

Mom of 3 (7 years old and twins of 3.5 years old)

A Strong Core Makes an Impact on Your Entire Life

 Every mom deserves to feel, look and function her very best! 

Feel Stronger

Gain strength and energy for your busy life as a mom.

Look Fitter

No more looking pregnant long after baby has arrived.

Be More Confident

 Wear what you want. Free to live your life.


"“My stomach has never EVER been this flat!
Mother of a 1,5 year old boy and participating in Superfit Core 

Meet Thora – Your Online Trainer

Certified personal trainer and corrective core specialist Thora Bjorn has developed the Superfit Core system.

Thora is the founder of Superfit Mom© and mother of 2.

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During the past 7 years the Superfit Core system has helped thousands of women regain a strong core after pregnancy in Thora's home country Denmark.

Thora's own personal experience with Diastasis Recti and severe pelvic floor trauma after child birth fanned the flames of her passion:

To help other women reconquer their strong, well functioning core and ultimately become happier, healthier versions of themselves.

Read more of Thora's story here

Sick of Being Unhappy with Your Tummy?

You can absolutely have the stomach you'd love – even after you've had kids! The solution isn't far away! You can be well on your way within minutes – literally! It's all about how you go about it!

Expect to be astonished and amazed by the results!

No matter if you became a mom 3 months, 3 years or 3 decades ago, the core muscles need to be exercised in a particular manner in order to regain optimal strength and firmness again.

And that's exactly what we do in Superfit Core!

Want to join us?

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It's This Easy:

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  • View videos and all other content whenever it's convenient for you on a smart phone, tablet or computer. 
  • Everything is ready for you as soon as you say go!
  • No subscription. Onetime payment.


"Be strong and healthy to the very core of YOU"
- Thora Bjorn, personal trainer and founder of Superfit Mom