Hi there! Thora here from Superfit Mom! I'm thrilled to have you with me! Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I'm a certified personal trainer and postpartum corrective exercise specialist. Over the last two decades I have helped thousands of women regain their strong, healthy bodies.

I founded Superfit Mom back in 2013 in my home country Denmark. (Here we call it Superfit Mor, since "mor" means "mom" in Danish). 

I'm also the mother of two little rascals: Kamille (age 9) and Kristoffer (age 4). 

My own personal experience with Diastasis Recti and severe pelvic floor trauma caused by child birth fanned the flames of my passion: To help other women reconquer their strong, well functioning core and ultimately become happier, healthier versions of themselves.


7 years of Online Exercise

Over the last 7 years I have helped thousands of Danish women getting their bodies back after pregnancy. 

I have designed several online fitness programmes in Danish for pregnant women, new moms and "not so new" moms as well as specific rehab programmes for the pelvic floor and diastasis recti.

I am a diastasis recti specialist and through my Danish online ab rehab programme, I have helped thousands of women get rid of their diastasis recti, retrain their entire core to avoid back pain and pelvic floor issues ... oh! And to reconquer that flat tummy off course!

Very soon I'll be launching the brand new online programme: Superfit Core.

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My Own "Tummy Story"

After I had my first child, I was left with quite a severe diastasis recti (DR) – but had NO idea of what it was or what to do about it! It was about 5 finger widths wide and looked shocking! 

Being a very active person it was heartbreaking to feel so disconnected to my own body ... it didn't look or feel like it used to! My usual strength was gone, my posture horrible (since my core was too weak to hold me up properly) and I just didn't feel like me!

It was terrifying to have a shattered body and no means to heal it.

But after lots (and lots and lots!!) af research, trying and testing I came up with a series of exercises including a special technique that healed my diastasis – and quite fast too. 

Long story short: This became the starting point of Superfit Mom in Denmark + of my very succesfull ab rehab programme Flad Mave Online (that directly translated means: Flat Tummy Online).

During my second pregnancy I exercised "tummy smart" (with the exercises that later became my Superfit Pregnancy programme). This way it is actually possible to minimize the abdominal seperation.

On Day 2 after I had my second baby, my DR gap was merely 2 finger widths, shallow and already quite firm. After a few weeks it was all gone. Yeah!


Function well and feel fantastic

All the functional benefits of a strong core are wonderful: No back pain, no pelvic pain, no peeing your pants when sneezing etc.

But in my view it is totally okay to simply what a flatter tummy after you have had children! It is not vain or self centred!

If you are tired of looking like you are 4 months pregnant years after the baby has arrived ... then you have come to the right spot!

You should feel great in your skin – caring about how it works, feels and looks is self love in my book! 

Oh! And being a busy mom is not an excuse for not taking good care of yourself and your body ... it is the best reason in the world!



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