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“My stomach has NEVER been this flat before! And my core is stronger than ever. I don't even have that little shelf over my caesarean scar any more!”– Anette Gronbek, mother of a boy (1,5 years old). Participating in Superfit Core.

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"Wow. I am SO deeply impressed with how effective and easy Superfit Core is!I am absolutely delighted with the results I have achieved. I have been training with the program for 9 weeks. I have not changed my diet in the process. Theses results are purely from the Superfit Core exercises. I am alone with my 3 children, so it is crucial for me that my workout is flexible and that I can do it at home. Thora is amazingly skilled at seleting the most effective exercises, putting them together so it's easy to follow. My warmest recommendations of Thora and Superfit Mom universe. It has far exceeded my expectations". - Anette, mom of three children (8, 12 and 15 years old)

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“I've felt so bad about my stomach after I had my second baby, and it affected me so much. At one point, I was so uncomfortable in my own body it almost took all personal joy from me. Finding out I had abdominal separation and discovering Superfit Core, has almost changed my life! Now, I can DO something about it and it is easy! It’s so amazing and I’m starting to get a physical sense of self back. I'm so happy about that.” – Malene Vesterskov Haubro, mother of 2 (2.5 years old and 8 months old). Participating in Superfit Core

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“I think I look pretty freaking good for a 42-year-old mom of two teenagers! I had actually been exercising regularly for the past few years. But the problem was my tummy. It just wouldn't change. It would "hang" and I couldn't get it flat. I then found out I had Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) of 2-3 finger widths! Now I have been working with Superfit Core for approx. 3 months. I am 6 cm smaller around my waist and 10 cm smaller around the hips! In fact, the best part is that my abs have become more defined and my core is strong.” – Helle, mother of two (12 and 14 years old). Participating in Superfit Core

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Elisabeth Madsen testi ENG

"I hadn't dared to hope for results this fast!" – Elisabeth Madsen, mother of 2 kids (2,5 year old and 5 years old). Participating in Superfit Core.

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“If anyone had told me that my tummy would end up looking THIS GOOD, I wouldn't have believed it! I am so proud of myself and forever grateful that Superfit Core exists!!! 4.5 months ago I was told I had DR (diastasis recti / abdominal separation) of 7 finger widths! I was also told I wouldn’t be able to reduce the gap without wearing a splint 24/7. It was very disheartening and I was very upset. But I refused to believe, that there was nothing I could do. I was soooo lucky to stumble upon Superfit Mom's website. In just the first month, my diastasis went down to only 3 finger widths and I am 8 cm smaller around my midsection! I haven’t reached my goal 100 % yet but I won’t give up. Oh my gosh, you can really see the difference in the photos!!!!! See for yourself! Too bad you can't take a picture of the area of ​​the brain for self confidence, because there is a big party in there today with champagne and disco balls! 😆 I recommend Superfit Core to everyone: My friends, colleagues, my mommy group and I can't recommend it enough. This program is SO effective! Thank you thank you thank you for helping so many women!!” – Carolina Diarte, mom of 2 (4 years and 8 months old) Participating in Superfit Core

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“I almost can't believe it: I've been working with Superfit Core for exactly 8 weeks today and I have gone down 6.8 kg and 25.9 cm over my whole body! I have given birth to 4 lovely kids over a 20 year span. Today, I stand stronger and healthier than ever before in my life. Thank you so much for this great program! It really makes a difference.”  – Sara Berglund Kunkel-Bode, mom of 4 (20 years, 11 years, 9 years and 6 months old). Participating in Superfit Core

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Marie Toft testi ENG

“I had abdominal separation (Distasis Recti) of 4 finger widths.🤚 On day 21 of Superfit Core I was down to one single finger width and the connective tissue was firm. Aka no more abdominal separation! And this was just using the program's Level 0!💪 Being able to feel my abs (behind the fatty tissue and caesarean scar) is freaking awesome!!! 🤩💪🙌  Another bonus for me is that I've taken up running again. I've always hated running. It always resultet in back pain for me. But now that's over! It is clear that this stronger core helps me in every regard.” – Marie Toft, mother of three kids (7 years and 3,5 year old twins). Participating in Superfit Core.

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"I started 6.5 weeks ago and even though I have only lost 3 kg it is clear that some of the fat has been replaced with muscle. 💪 😄 Finally, I found something that works for me.”- Julie Kristine Knudsen, mother of a boy of 3 years old. Participating in Superfit Core

Trine-M-T SFC Testi

“I have been working with Superfit Core for 10 weeks now and my stomach has never been this toned before - even after 2 pregnancies! I have lost 9 kg, 10 cm around my hips and 11 cm around my waist! I'm so glad I found this program! What made me believe it wasn’t just a hoax was all the other moms who recommended the program step forward with their real names! Even after a weekend with a little too much food, I think these pictures speak for themselves. I'm so happy! Thank you so much for the world's best program! ”- Trine Munkholm Teglskov, mother of two (2.5 years old and 7 months old). Participating in Superfit Core

“Wow, I'm so happy! Before I started Superfit Core, I was afraid it wouldn't work for me. I had read so much about the great results other people got with the program but I was worried it wouldn't work for me. But in just 12 days I have gone from being 98 cm around my waistline to 95 cm! I'm so motivated and have the courage to continue. It's hard, but cool to see such rapid progress! "- Lykke Madsen, mother of a boy (2 years old)

"When I started I had a Diastasis Recti of approx. 6 finger widths after my pregnancy with triplets (later twins) where I wasn’t active at all due to complications. After working with Superfit Core for 1.5 weeks (4 times a week on average) and walks with the stroller, I measured my diastasis again this morning. Now the gap is only 2-2.5 finger widths and I have lost 2 kg! 😳 No changes in my diet, just Superfit Core and walking with the stroller. I'm totally surprised and pat myself on the shoulder - I hadn't seen that one coming! So thank you very much, Thora - your program has already made a huge difference.”- Jeanette Thybo Rasmussen, mother of twin boys (11 weeks old). Participating in Superfit Core

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"I’m becoming more and more happy with my mom-body. My belly is getting flatter and firmer which is super cool. I am deeply impressed by your videos and not least the exercises. They have been outstanding and it is amazing to experience how the programmed work just works so wonderfully to tighten the stomach again – even when you have turned 40! Thank you so much for your inspiration and positive joy radiating from the videos.” – Lillian Buus, mom of two boys (15 years old and 8 months old). Participating in Superfit Core

“When I first started Superfit Core, I couldn't even activate my abdominals like I could before the pregnancy. BUT, after a few weeks at Level 0, it slowly started to return. And at Level 1my abs suddenly got sore after working out! I had really missed that feeling: The sensation of a good workout.”- Louiza Tamechmecht, mother of a boy of 2 years born by C-section. Participating in Superfit Core