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Day #1: Remember Your Posture


Focus of the Day

• Remind yourself to sit with a straight back and lower your shoulders when sitting down – especially when sitting for longer periods of time. Also, avoid tensing up the muscles of your neck and jaw.



A nice posture can save you from aches and pains ... and in the long run even injuries. First of all, you need to think about straightening your back and lowering your shoulders. Activate your abdominals by gently drawing navel to spine and keep the crown of your head on top of your body (don't let it slip into a forward "computer position").

Have a good posture in all movements. Both when you are sitting, standing and walking.

It can be especially difficult to remember your nice posture when you are doing something at the same time. Something as simple as emptying the dishwasher, can be a killer for especially the back, if you forget your good posture and active core. Try to keep your back straight and your stomach in, so your abdominal muscles support the spine.

In addition, you should avoid twisting and lifting at the same time. Rather try to position yourself by turning the entire body. It may take a few seconds longer and requires a little getting used to, but your back will thank you for it!

A nice posture also makes you look taller, more slim and more awake.


Bonus Tip

• Think of your footwear. Until your body is strong again after pregnancy and your joints are no longer softened by the hormonal effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding, high-heeled shoes are banned – unfortunately.

Also use flip flops with care. Not only do flip flops provide no support. You also need to constantly tighten the foot muscles (curved your toes a bit) to keep them in place. It can cause sore feet and even plantar fasciitis if you are really unlucky. Instead, use shoes with good support.

Walking indoor in just you socks or with bare feet is okay, but if you have back issues or pelvic floor issues, it is best to pop those indoor trainers on with good support if just for periods of time when walking around at home.