Core Inspiration: The Compass (VIDEO)

STILL Core Inspiration The CompassPIC

It's all about quality of your technique when it comes to getting more bang for the buck in your abdominal exercises.

You get so much more out of your abdominal work and core work if you fire up the core using the correct core activation to start with.

Step on a wobbly raft for an extra challenge

Sure you can also pop on a raft in the middle of the windy Indian Ocean - like I do here - to make an exercise more challenging.

But you can also simply try closing your eyes while doing the exercise! This makes it harder to hold your balance and therefore more challenging for your stabilizing muscles of the core.

Correct core activation is key

I call this exercise The Compass because I move my arm and leg north/south and then east/west ... all the while keeping my core fired up with the correct core activation.

The trick with the correct core activation is to start it before you actually start the movement of the exercise. And keeping the core nice and engaged until the very last repetition.

The exercise on this video above is from Level 4 of Superfit Core 2.

I always recommend you start on Superfit Core 1 and progress to Superfit Core 2 when your core is stronger and any abdominal separation has healed.

Post-baby and beginner ab exercise

Launch your flat tummy now


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