10 Easy Tips That Get You Ready for Weight Loss


Turn your unhealthy habits around and start supporting weight loss with these 10 easy tips. These tips are particularly suitable for you mamas out there who don’t want to go on a strict diet.

One of the reasons why it is often very difficult to change what we eat is because we are all creatures of habit. We develop habits and routines and stick to them even when they are not good for us.

During pregnancy, it might have become a habit for you to consume too many calories every day. Perhaps because you thought: “It doesn’t matter if I have an extra Oreo or 5 - I'm fat anyway". You need to shift that habitual, undermining way of thinking as soon as possible.

The good news is that once the new, supportive habits are incorporated, they will feel as natural to you as the old, bad habits did.

Here are 10 practical tips on how to little by little turn your eating habits around so they support weight loss – without going on a strict diet!

Tip #1 Drink a glass of water before every meal

Water fills your stomach and ensures that your brain does not confuse thirst with hunger, which it does very often.

Tip #2 Eat more fiber

Fiber keeps you full and "follows" fat out of the body. Good sources of fiber are whole grain products, fruits and vegetables.

Tip #3 Eat more protein

Protein is the building blocks of our muscles, and the body spends a lot of energy digesting protein. To up your protein intake by eating lean meats, such as chicken, turkey, and fish.

Or if you want to go vegetarian: You find plenty of protein in e.g. legumes (e.g. beans and peas), eggs, nuts, dairy products (but stick mainly to low-fat versions).

Tip #4 Cut portion size down by 20 %

Most of us can easily cut down on the size of our regular meals by 20 % without feeling deprived. But at a 30 % cutback, we will probably notice the smaller portion. Make it a habit to put a little less on the plate.

Remember, though, to not cut back on your vegetables! They contain few calories but a lot of water and fiber that keeps us full longer. The 20 % reduction of the portion should especially be found by cutting down on the amount of pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, and gravy.

Stuck on your pregnancy appetite?

Tip #5 Add a piece of fruit to your breakfast

An easy way to get more nutrients and fiber is with fresh fruit. Get an early start on your new, good habits.

Tip #6 Add one more type of vegetable to your dinner

Just like Tip # 5, you can "sneak" a bit more healthy stuff low in calories into the menu almost without you noticing it with this simple tip.

Tip # 7 Do not avoid all fat in your diet

If you shy away from all fats, your body will hold on even more to its body fat. Make sure you get the right kind of fat from e.g. avocados, nuts, liquid oils, and fatty fish.

Tip #8 Have healthy snacks ready

If you have healthy snacks at hand there is a greater chance you steer clear of unhealthy temptations then you’re feeling peckish.

You can cut raw vegetables or fruit into smaller, bite-size chunks, pack them in airtight bags and store them in the fridge – ready to rescue you from diving into the cookie jar when hunger strikes.

Tip #9 Don’t eat too fast

A quiet family dinner is often the exception rather than the rule in many families with young children.

The shared meal can be a stressful affair for many mamas when the baby (and perhaps the older children as well) are dominating the dinner table. Many mothers tend to throw the food down as if was the last chance for food for several weeks.

Try not to eat too fast though. It takes the brain and stomach 20 minutes to perceive that it is full. If you shovel a truckload of pasta down in 5 minutes, your brain and stomach won’t have a chance to say stop.

Tip #10 Sneak in some shut-eye whenever you can

I know it is rarely easy to get enough sleep with an infant in the house. But sleep is incredibly important when you want to lose weight.

If at all possible, find someone to look after the baby (your mother, in-laws, or friend) while you get some housework done. Then you can hit the sack a little earlier in the evening.

Turn your habits around a little bit at the time

Three to four weeks after you have given birth, you can begin to incorporate these 10 tips into your daily routine little by little.

You can e.g. take one tip at a time and work on making it a new, solid habit over a few days. Then move on to the next tip, and make this one a habit too.

Before you know it, you're really well on your way to a much healthier and slimmer lifestyle!

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