Core Inspiration: Wag the tail (VIDEO)

Still Core Inspi Wag the Tail

Wag your tail and get a firmer waist! (Scroll down for video)

Here's a great little exercise that fires up your obliques (the muscles that create your waist) as well as your entire core.

This exercise is from the Level 1 of my online program, Superfit Core 1.

The key is getting the correct core activation spot on, before you start the wagging! Then you'll really feel the muscles down your waist tightening up!

Wag the tail as an active break

Use this exercise as an active break between more …

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7 mistakes new moms make trying to get fit after pregnancy

Træt løber

Once your little miracle has landed in your arms and you've had some time to adjust to your new role as a mother, you probably want to start some kind of exercise regime again. Perhaps to rid yourself of the last baby weight, perhaps to up muscle tone or get your tummy a bit firmer again.

No matter what your goal is you need to approach getting fit after pregnancy a bit different than what you may have done previously to slim down and get bikini ready.

Your body after pregnancy needs something…

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Core Inspiration: The Compass (VIDEO)

STILL Core Inspiration The CompassPIC

It's all about quality of your technique when it comes to getting more bang for the buck in your abdominal exercises.

You get so much more out of your abdominal work and core work if you fire up the core using the correct core activation to start with.

Step on a wobbly raft for an extra challenge

Sure you can also pop on a raft in the middle of the windy Indian Ocean - like I do here - to make an exercise more challenging.

But you can also simply try closing your eyes while doing the exercis…

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